Why Feminism?!: How Women’s Rights Give Countries Life!

As I am sure you are all aware, FEMINISM has been a hot topic in the media this year, bringing countries like India into the world spotlight -for all of the wrong reasons. Due to the high volume of attention that India has been receiving as of late, it’s the country that I will be using to discuss the positive impacts that Feminism in it’s purest form can have, and just how dark a lack of Feminism can become.

This blog draws it’s inspiration today not from any particular source of academic writing, but rather from a night-school course that I took in my last year of high school. It’s amazing how much inspiration we can learn and draw from each other, in our classes, and from our old teachers, one of whom has inspired this post with his wide breadth of knowledge on the topic of global relations.

Without further ado, let us begin by taking a trip to the swelteringly beautiful and vibrant India. A country that should be recognized for it’s many religions, ethnicities, languages, and cultures, from the North to the South there are so many different jewels that can be unearthed from this country. Unfortunately, as with everything there are two, if not multiple facets, some of them invisible until further inspection. India has always had two very extreme views on how women should be treated. It truly has little to do with religion, or geographical region, these two extremes exist irrespective of one’s “background”. Some men (and women, if you can believe it) can not see the worth of females in any form, other than in the sense that she will be a “good homemaker”, still many others in India believe that women are equal to men, if not sometimes even above them in the case of mothers and older sisters, and they covet them as leaders within the family and community. India’s darker side has thankfully been getting a lot of media coverage around the globe, for sexual assaults, and brutal killings of young women. This “bad publicity” needed to occur, so that it can be stopped, once and for all and so that the world can give their attention to Indians other than Bollywood Stars, who only show India in it’s most glamorous light.

This article is actually not going to touch on the sexual violence too much, but rather go beyond that to the true root of the problem. My teacher had showed us an entirely new analysis when he claimed that Female Infanticide was to blame for the excess sexual violence, and violence in general in any place. Our class was confused by this statement at first, however he made himself clear by explaining his analysis an saying that any country that is overpopulated with males has historically become more wrought with violence, because that is man’s nature when he is around other men. These men rile each other up, not to mention become about ten times more frustrated and competitive as a result of the lack of females around. Even the non-violent men were becoming frustrated, as we could see in a documentary we watched, they were angry that female infanticide that had occurred when they were children made it so that there were hardly any females in their age group left to settle down with, and so they were with the cause of female rights. Unfortunately, not everyone has the same reaction, and so there still exists this vast population of Indian males who release their frustration through acts of violence and hatred, resulting in females being the ones suffering the most once more, and not helping the men at all in any way. If we could help men understand this notion, then perhaps they would realize that by hurting Females, they are in turn, hurting themselves even more.

Of course, there are entire books full of other reasons why we need women on this earth, and why they should have rights! Feminism has been existence for centuries now, and so much good has come from that. The idea of Feminism has become very much skewed, it is not the idea of women shaving heir heads and tattooing their foreheads in defiance of men, in fact, it’s not about men at all.

I fear that the current generation of young people believe in this skewed image of Feminism a little bit too much, so much to the point where we have young women becoming a part of social media campaigns such as “#WhyIDontNeedFeminism”, I’m sure Nellie McClung is turning over in her grave as I write this. It appears that the days of Betty Friedan’s Feminine Mystique are but a distant memory, unknown to the youth of today. What I wish to tell my fellow peers, is that there is so much about Feminism that they just don’t know or see, and that’s why I wrote this blog. Women are beacons of hope for communities around the globe, when they go to school, so that they can get an education, by way of which they can become Lawyers, doctors, even entrepreneurs with small businesses. The entrepreneurs are important because they fuel local and national economies, providing jobs to other women and men in the community so that they can provide for their families. Doctors, lawyers, and other professionals are of equal status, because they are the “aid” that is provided locally, it’s close and it send the message that with education, more jobs like these can exist, hopefully one day eradicating foreign aid. Women need Feminism in places such as India, because they deserve to be seen as equal to their male counterparts, they are not sexual objects made to be exploited, but beautiful, powerful women who help build economies, families, schools, whatever it is they want to do, it does not matter, the bottom line is that they should have the right to choose.

I leave you with this one single thought, close your eyes and try to imagine a Canada where women can not work, sure some of them may want to take the very demanding job of being a stay-at-home mother, but what if they did not have that choice? Imagine a Canada where women feel unsafe taking public transit because men will touch them without permission, imagine a Canada where you, as a female, do not get to attend school. Imagine this, if you can.

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