“Think Globally, Act Locally”

The Phrase “Think Globally, Act Locally” is something that you have likely heard used throughout a wide range of contexts. From business, to education, this phrase evokes pure inspiration. The context that was explored at the Climate Reality Conference was, unsurprisingly, in relation to the Climate Change revolution that is currently gaining a global stronghold.

So what does it actually mean, to think globally? Thinking globally involves considering the whole, in this case the whole planet. Acting locally implies that, while not everyone may have an interest in joining the Climate Change revolution at a large scale, they can make small changes in their daily lives, or communities and still have an impact. Picture this: everyone on the planet, making one small change in their daily lives to combat climate change. Surely the sheer billions that would be mobilizing would be able to cause a radical change in the level of carbon emissions. And that’s just it, the very simple idea behind thinking globally, and acting locally, causing true and tangible change does not have to be as complicated as it appears to be on the surface. If we move without judgement of one another, and replace it with subtle encouragement, we can truly be effective change makers, and perhaps make the seemingly impossible happen: reverse, or at least stabilize the climate changes that are occurring, including rising temperatures, sea levels, and major loss of arable land for many communities.

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