The Square: A Film Worth Seeing

I have been neglecting my blog for far too long, but I have been brainstorming during this time, both learning and thinking about new ideas. Recently, one of my professors has been raving about a film entitled “The Square (Al Midan)”. The film is done in a documentary style, Directed by Jehane Noujaim.

Firstly, a bit on the director. Jehane Noujaim identifies herself as Egyptian-American. This is not her first documentary, she has also completed other acclaimed pieces such as “Pangea Day”, “The Control Room” and “”. She is a 39-year-old Harvard University graduate, so she clearly had a strong academic background going into this project.

The Square is a film that follows the Egyptian revolution, as it overtook Tahrir Square commencing in 2011. The film is extremely topical, as the political issues that sparked the revolution continue to be a problem even today. It is extremely relevant to politics in the Arab world, and is of course one country that has been a part of the Arab Spring movement.  The film is inspiring, as it shows that extremists who manipulate religion as political tool to oppress the people, can be overthrown when the people come together and push for ethical political practices.

Overall, a great watch, that can be enjoyable for people of all ages and backgrounds!


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