Stories We Forgot II: Libyan Slave Trade


In late 2017, a grainy video of Black, African men from various West African nations shocked the world. The video showed what appeared to be an auction in Tripoli, Libya; and for sale? The men and their service, for approx. $400. The video brought focus to the exploitation that many migrants and refugees face along their journey to a seemingly better life. The video prompted world leaders from the likes of Libya, France, Germany, Chad and Niger to rally together and come to a final plan on ho to evacuate the sheer thousands of migrants being kept in Libyan detention camps. This is an issue, however that has been ongoing for years.


At present, the situation has yet to improve. According to the UN Human Rights Office, 7 years after the toppling of Muammar Gaddafi’s dictatorship, Libya has become rampant with armed groups who torture and kill by their own will. The country is currently divided between 2 rival governments, with no true authority. Both Libyans and migrants alike are still being detained in atrocious conditions, and continue to be sold in slave markets. The fact that Libyan government is currently split into two rival parties makes it difficult for any sort of authority to exist to put an end to these blatant human rights abuses.

While the Libyan slave trade shocked the world in 2017, media coverage has slowly stopped on the subject. This has caused the issue to move to the back-burner in terms of what people are thinking about, however it is my duty as a journalist to remind the world that this issue is real, and it still exists. Our people, people of the world are suffering and I urge you all to help in any way you can, awareness is the first step.

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