Stories We Forgot About: Jagtar S. Johal

This is the story of Jagtar S. Johal, a horrific story I shared previously, and will link below. If you are not familiar with his story, please have a read on the link below, and I will briefly bring you up to speed.

Jagtar S. Johal was illegal abducted from the streets of Punjab, and tomorrow, May 4th, 2018 will mark 6 months, or 181 days since he was illegally detained. While in custody he has endured physical torture and has not been allowed to have private Consular access. He has been denied Due Process during his trial process. The Government of India has actively fabricated evidence in order to falsely charge Jagtar S. Johal with Murder in order to keep him under their careful watch. The reason? Simple, Jagtar is a Scottish journalist, who wrote about the 1984 Genocide of Sikhs. This was a Genocide that the Indian Government continues to deny, and that has left many members of the Sikh community to continue to suffer. When the world thinks about India, they see all of the glamour of Bollywood, and I am writing this piece to remind the world that it is a country where many are suffering, including non-citizens. It is a country where the pillars of justice are constantly crrumbling for many marginalized communities.

On May 4th, 2018 the global Sikh community along with any allies will rally together in protest at the United Nations office in Geneva to lobby the UN to investigate the crimes that have been committed against Jagtar by the Indian Government.

Full Article on Jagtar’s Story here: Stifled Voices

Learn more about the 1984 Genocide here: Stories From 1984

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