Proving A Point: Trump’s Determination to Build “The Wall”

America narrowly avoided having to face another government shutdown on February 14th, 2019. Both chambers of Congress unanimously voted to pass a bill that will keep the Government funded until September 2019. While the bill covers disaster relief, the opioid epidemic, and federal worker’s wage raises, what it does not include is the $5.7bn that current President Donald Trump had been hoping to collect in order to build what has now been dubbed “The Wall”.  To deal with the ongoing influx of illegal immigrants, it does account for $1.3bn which will be used to build 55 miles of steel fencing across the US’s Southern border. Although initially Mr. Trump agreed to sign the deal, today on February 15th, 2019 he announced plans to declare a state of emergency at the southern border. This in turn would give him the pass to redirect defence funds towards building his  wall. Now, although America‚Äôs Souther border stands to be improved, it does not warrant the state of emergency that Mr. Trump is about to declare. it is not in the state of crisis that Mr Trump describes. Statistics show that the number of people crossing the border into  America illegally has actually experience a significant decrease between 2000 and 2017. in 2000, for example, border police nabbed upwards of 1.6m illegal border crossers, while 2017 saw fewer than 400,000. Many of the people who are currently crossing the border include families, and asylum-seekers. The National Emergencies Act was designed for a President to make a declaration with ease, and provide them with expanded statutory powers. 58 have been declared since the Act’s inception, and 31 of those 58 are continued to be renewed on an ongoing basis. The Supreme Court will hold the final judgement call as to whether or not “The Wall” fits the bill on being granted National Emergency status, a face that the Department of Justice has already warned Mr. Trump about. Any Landowners living in the area where the wall is proposed to be built would have good standing to sue on the basis of harms including the huge potential for nuisance, amongst other Torts. Mr. Trump has shown us that he has the trait that can either make a man, or break him: He refuses to go back on his word. At any cost. By any means. For now, North, Central, and South America as a whole will be waiting to see what Mr. Trump’s next move will be when it comes to building his beloved and promised wall.

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