Positive Profile I: Donte Robinson + Rashon Nelson

Today is the first ‘Positivity Profile’ post! Let’s honour Donte Robinson and Rashon Nelson today, as they are setting a great example for young people. Now you might have heard about the recent arrests that took place at a Starbucks in Downtown Philadelphia. On April 12, 2018 The two young men were poised to hold a meeting at the Starbucks, and had asked to use the bathroom without purchasing. It was a mere matter of minutes before the Police were called and the two men were arrested. Their only crime? Not purchasing a pastry. The arrest led to widespread protest, and even the call to boycott Starbucks locations across the U.S.

Fast forward to the present, both Robinson and Nelson have settled claims with the city of Philadelphia for the sum of $1, each and have instead forged an agreement with the city. The city of Philadelphia will work with the two men and a local nonprofit to help fund a grant worth $200,000. The grant will aim to help local high school students learn entrepreneurial skills. Although the details of the settlement between the duo and Starbucks are confidential, both parties have agreed to collaborate on developing “specific actions and opportunities”. Donte Robinson and Rashon Nelson are young Kings who turned a negative into a positive, and they are role models for all, both young and old.

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