Positive Profile II: W. Kamau Bell

Walter Kamau Bell, Father, Husband, Stand-up Comic and eloquent journalist. The unique combination of skills that this Emmy Award winning African-American man brings to the table make room for us all in his CNN series: ‘United Shades of America’. Who better to tell the story of the mosaic of minorities living in America than someone with an open-mind, witty sense of humour, and last but not least is also a member of a minority group themselves. Bell grew up in a few different cities, Alabama, Chicago and Boston; which may have contributed to his open-minded nature. Bell is no stranger to social justice, and sits on the advisory board for Race Forward, a group that opens the dialogue on race issues and Hollaback! An anti-discrimination group. Bell even achieved the highest honour in this field when in 2013 he was declared the celebrity ambassador for racial injustice. In 2016, Bell launched his series United Shades of America on CNN. The series follows Bell across the United States as he explores the different cultures, religions and races that make up today’s average American. The show is a beautiful way to showcase the beauty of diversity in America, and also paved the way for education, acceptance and tolerance of various minority groups within America. Walter Kamau Bell is a modern social justice warrior and a role model in this way, and he’s bringing a bold flavour to the conversation on the “other” in America.

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