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I just wanted to discuss in this post, the types of resources I use, and where I get my inspiration from. It usually ranges between documentaries, newscasts, newspapers and books or magazines. Sometimes a piece of art, be it a political cartoon, or even the work of a historical or contemporary artist can be inspirational. I just want to open this post by noting that, International Relations is not a discipline that should be boxed in, for I feel that if you limit yourself in this discipline, you will only see half of what is going on in the world, and miss the other half. I might add that, International Relations may not even be a discipline at all, it is a way of life, if you are taking part in this “way of life”, it consumes you, and you analyze every part of your day through the lens, if you will, of International Relations. This essentially means that you see the global implications, be they negative, or positive, of everything you encounter in a day. These implications could fall under any category from social, to scientific, yet no matter which they fall under, you see them nonetheless. Without further delay, I would like to now share with you some of the most relevant inspirations in my eyes, for discovering more about the world.

BBC: BBC is my go-to conventional newscast. They cover world news better than anyone in my opinion, there is no comparison between BBC and any other newscast. It’s simple, BBC covers all of the current news, and the way in which they cover it is clear, with just the right amount of details to keep each segment short, but informative. BBC has been accused of having a severe “left-wing” bias, however, biased opinions of others I find do not affect me as I try to spot them quickly. Just a quick note here, it’s always best to keep your critical thinking caps on, so as not to become swayed by bias, because as I’m sure you all know, it is highly beneficial to be acquainted with both sides of an argument, always.

The Economist: The Economist is, I find, lesser known among the youth. The Economist is a magazine, a bit on the pricey side, but well worth it, is chock full of relevant information. Covering everything from politics, to science and technology, first-time readers may be a bit confused as to why it is called ‘The Economist’. Well, as I have been recently finding out in discussions with my fellow youth, many people are not aware that economics is the study of, in essence how the civilized world works. Thereby, The Economist is one of the most beneficial and topical magazines in the world today. Unlike a few other magazines who mention similar topics (and will remain unnamed) The Economist has not boasted to me a specific left, or right wing bias of any sort, making it an excellent read!

Anonymous Newscast: One of the less conventional newscasts out there, and it may surprise a few that I have mentioned them. Anonymous Hacker Group is infamous across the world for their Anarchist-like behaviour, and their constant, notable revolutions. I have a deep respect for this group, as they embody the term “guts”. Anonymous covers everything the news did, and also everything they did not, because of course we all know that many newscasts are owned by corporations, and are thereby controlled by them, and their partners in many instances. The Anonymous Group’s newscast exposes the other side of the world, it is the world as you’ve never seen it before, and for this, I am always intrigued by what this group has to say.

Michael Moore: Michael Moore, stirring up anger from Right-Wingers worldwide, he has exposed modern society with an amazing confidence, and I think I speak for all of the youth when I say he is thought-provoking, and “for” the kids, he’s paving a path of knowledge for the next generation to use in a positive manner, he inspires change with his work.

The Young Turks: An amazing independent newscast, The Young Turks are what I would call “right up my alley”. They cover everything the regular news covers, and then some. The difference however, is that The Young Turks is a bit less formal, while still remaining articulate. The Young Turks always share insightful opinions, and sometimes even humorous ones. Definitely for the Left-Wing folks, although I do not think they try to make their bias known or impress it upon viewers.

David Suzuki: Wow, what can I say? My very first inspiration growing up! I grew up as a lover of the sciences, that is to say, the non-social ones. I learned about David Suzuki at a very young age and was awestruck ever since. His immense knowledge, calm demeanor, and all that he has contributed to the environment are simply wonderful. Such a wealth of knowledge, such a love for the environment, and a fellow Canadian, what more could I ask for in an idol?

These are a few of my favourite inspirations, for all things global! Of course I browse through many more sources however, and am always on the look out for brand new information. I want to finish off this post by reminding everyone that knowledge comes from many places, act as a sponge in every situation you face, and you will develop a zest for life itself!

P.s: I’m extremely left-wing, just thought I’d throw that in here as an afterthought, if you will.

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