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Enough is Enough: Winnipeg’s Violence Epidemic

December 16, 2019

While those who have kept up with the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba know of its dark history stained by violent crime. However, just within the last calendar year the city saw 41 homicides, a record high that ties only with the city’s 2011 statistics-and 2019 is not quite over yet. The province of Manitoba overall […]

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Debating Debacle: 2019 Canadian Leaders’ Debate in Review

October 8, 2019

Last night Canadians from across the nation’s 10 Provinces and 3 Territories tuned into a ” Federal election classic” of sorts: The English Canadian Leaders’ Debate. The debates takes place a few weeks prior the election date in each cycle, and are done twice, once in English and once in Francais. This year’s election for […]

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Indigenous Ingenuity

September 23, 2019

When many of us think about Climate Change, and how to mitigate it’s effects we often view it through somewhat conventional lenses. For example, we look at how world leaders can affect change, how corporations and even social media can provide effective tools in facilitating that change. However, we may be missing out on something […]

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“Think Globally, Act Locally”

September 16, 2019

The Phrase “Think Globally, Act Locally” is something that you have likely heard used throughout a wide range of contexts. From business, to education, this phrase evokes pure inspiration. The context that was explored at the Climate Reality Conference was, unsurprisingly, in relation to the Climate Change revolution that is currently gaining a global stronghold. […]

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Climate Reality Training in Review: Dr. Rose M. Brewer on Enviro-Justice

September 9, 2019

On Friday August 2nd, 2019, while in the process of receiving my training as a Global Climate Reality Leader, I was able to learn more about an issue that is very pressing, and often overlooked: Environmental Justice. Dr. Rose M. Brewer, who is a high-ranking Professor of African American Studies at the University of Minnesota […]

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6 Ways to Help with the current Sudan Crisis Now

June 12, 2019

As many readers may be aware, Sudanese people are currently experiencing extreme backlash after organizing an uprising against the militant dictator, Omar Al-Bashir. After years of being lead by a man wanted by the ICC for various crimes against humanity including genocide, the Sudanese people have simply had enough. This is their right. The democracy […]

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Munk Debate in Review: Is China a Threat?

May 23, 2019

On Thursday May 9th, 2019 I had the pleasure of attending the controversial Munk Debate on whether or not China as a rapidly rising political entity is a friend or foe. More specifically, whether China is a friend or foe to the liberal international order that has been enjoyed by typically “Western” societies for decades. Arguing […]

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Positive Profile: Justice Harry Laforme’s Continuing Legacy

March 12, 2019

In late 2018, I had the honour of meeting Justice Harry LaForme, and it was truly an inspiring experience to be able to watch him address the room, and speak with him directly as well, so I thought I would finally get down to doing this ‘Positive Profile’ piece that I can only hope will […]

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Proving A Point: Trump’s Determination to Build “The Wall”

February 15, 2019

America narrowly avoided having to face another government shutdown on February 14th, 2019. Both chambers of Congress unanimously voted to pass a bill that will keep the Government funded until September 2019. While the bill covers disaster relief, the opioid epidemic, and federal worker’s wage raises, what it does not include is the $5.7bn that current President Donald Trump […]

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R v. Gladue: Revisiting the Landmark Case over a Decade Later

December 16, 2018

R v. Gladue, a 1999 Supreme Court of Canada decision has become a landmark case when it comes to matters involving Aboriginal offenders within the Canadian Criminal Justice system. From this decision, a specific type of pre-sentencing and bail hearing report was created. These reports, known as Gladue reports, are a type of pre-sentencing and […]

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