A Moment of Shame During The Month of ‘Pride’

June is widely recognized as the time of the year that spans a month-long celebration of LGBTQ+ pride, a month for people to put aside their own differences, and respect the differences of others. The month and it’s festivities are meant to bring awareness and acceptance for those who identify with non-traditional sexual preferences or gender identities. This already marginalized group has experienced enough prejudice and hardship throughout the world, regardless of their various backgrounds. So why then, did a pride parade in Charlotte, North Carolina reject an application to have ‘Gays for Trump’ be provided with a chance to participate?

‘Gays for Trump’ wanted to participate in the parade by decorating and operating a float during the procession. The creative float would also include those gay men who enjoy drag culture, and would be dressed as various patriotic figures such as uncle Sam, and the statue of liberty, according to the group’s spokesman Derek Van Cleve. The group obviously identifies with republican views, and supports President Donald Trump, they simply wanted to show their support for the current president of their country during the parade, which will take place in that very same country.

This was a controversial move on the part of the Charlotte pride organization, as President Donald Trump has actually been known to express support for the LGBTQ+ community, despite his obvious disdain for certain other minority groups. For example, following the widely publicized Orlando nightclub shooting, President Trump was very vocal about advocating for the safety and respect of the LGBTQ+ members who fell victim to the attack.

Many members of the community may choose not to support President Trump, in order to show their solidarity with other groups. Alternatively, those of Muslim or Mexican descent (for example) may have a dislike for President Trump as a result of their given religious, cultural or racial identities. However, if they have the freedom to express their denunciation of their President, why are others not allowed to express their support? Many people in general, as of recent have been forced to become closeted Trump supporters due to these types of attitudes.

This entire situation shows that, even within an already marginalized community, there is still judgement and segregation. During a Pride event may be the only time that members of the LGBTQ+ community feel completely free to openly express themselves to the fullest, and for all to see, with a sense of literal pride as they do so. As such, none of them should be left out simply due to their political views, Pride should be a time when issues of prejudice and segregation are put on the back-burner, and the LGBTQ+ community has a chance to show the rest of the world how to be more accepting of those who are different in all scenarios.

The Young Theorist has reached out to the group ‘Gays for Trump’ for further comment on this matter.

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