6 Ways to Help with the current Sudan Crisis Now

As many readers may be aware, Sudanese people are currently experiencing extreme backlash after organizing an uprising against the militant dictator, Omar Al-Bashir. After years of being lead by a man wanted by the ICC for various crimes against humanity including genocide, the Sudanese people have simply had enough. This is their right. The democracy many of us enjoy is their right just as much as it is ours. Peaceful forms of protest including a strike, have been met with extreme backlash from the militant Janjaweed. This has included tear-gassing at random, shooting at random, rape, and generally demeaning those who oppose them in vile ways.

If you are interested in helping this cause, please view the 5 links below:






The 6th way to help, is to be active in discussing this topic and raising awareness of it! Sudan is experiencing an internet blackout, so it’s up to us, as a world to speak up and get those with any form of serious power aware of the shocking massacre that is happening in Sudan right now. Be sure to use the hashtag #IAmTheSudanRevolution when discussing these issues, let’s get in on the revolution together!

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